don’t let mom do your dirty work

So the last of couple weeks, my sister has been mean to me about as much as it rains in Washington. It was really starting to get to me and I didn’t know why, though I had an idea what was going on. It’s kinda stupid, her kid loves me a lot and she was jealous. That’s what I thought. Last night we were both at my parents house and she left and my mom told me there was a lot of tension between us. Whatev, I don’t know. Fast forward to today. I ask my mom to talk to my sister and tell her to come and talk to me if she has a problem with me. I know, I know, I should have just done that myself, but I thought my mom would say something when I wasn’t around, boy was I wrong.
Randomly, my mom looks at my sister and says: “don’t you have something to say to your sister?”
My sister’s face? Priceless. “what is she talking about jenny?”
Me: “um…hahahahahahahahaha”
My sister: “what jenny, what’s wrong?”
Me: well you’ve been kinda mean to me lately, why?”
Kate: “I’ve been really pmsing lately and I’ve been trying not to take it out on my husband”
We talked it out, we didn’t hug it out, we’re not that kind of sisters and actually, we’re not even the “talking it out” kind of family, but we did.
Well thanks Katie, I’m glad I can be your punching bag. And an extra special thanks to mom for helping us out.

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