Home is me-You are mine

I was driving, listening to the same 10 songs I listen to on a daily basis. I was thinking about the last time I was at the AF church. Randomly, for a funeral. I was thinking about the people I was soooo excited to see. At first I wasn’t expecting them to care, for this is their attitude for people who have “left God” so when they were excited to see me, I, in return was excited. But then, when I got the chance to talk to them, they didn’t really talk, they hugged and said they missed me, which was nice, but there was no depth to their feelings and maybe I’m over thinking it, which most likely is the case. My heart started to hurt. I feel alone. I’m part of a church but not really part of it. I miss being part of “the family of God”. The actual, physical family. It makes me sad, this predicament I have found myself in. Bound to a church that is not bound to me in any way. Anyways, I was thinking about all this when I tuned back into the music that was playing in my car, and what was said right when I tuned in was: “Home is me-you are mine” and God said to me, “this is the way I feel about you, and that’s all that matters, Home is me-you are mine.”
So my heart hurts less, because as great as it would be to feel I belong somewhere, I know I belong to God and that is sufficient for me.

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