knocked up

I’ve decided to write on my blog about being pregnant. Since no one reads it right now, I think it’s pretty safe. I thought I would write deep and meaningful thoughts on my blog but, that didn’t happen, not necessarily because I don’t have any, but simply, I’m too lazy to write them down.
This will be kind of a long one because there’s 3 weeks of feelings and thoughts worth. And yeah, I know most people would say, “how did you know you were pregnant at 3 weeks?” I knew the first time we tried. Well, maybe I was 100% certain, but I knew.
God and I even talked about it. He asked me about His timing and I asked him about my timing. Bold, I know, but in the end though, I told God “everything in Your timing” maybe that’s just what he wanted. My surrendering, because the next day I found out I was pregnant. Granted I first thought I had started my period. But after 2 positive test, I went with it.

Ahh telling Chan was exciting. Yeah, exciting for me. Him on the other hand, didn’t care so much. Our conversation went something like this:
Me: Hey Chan, I took a pregnancy test and the little pink line showed up.
Chan: oh yeah? What does that mean?
Me: well that means it’s positive. I’m pregnant.
Chan: Oh, okay, well…bye…
Me: um, okay, bye…
Oh my sweet husband.

Here’s what I wrote a couple days after I find out:

This is weird, being pregnant. I feel so…fragile. I feel like any time I could just I don’t know, break. I’m not really scared that I will have a miscarriage, just that I will break. It’s so cute. Chan. He’s so adorable. His text: “I went with stan and pon, I’ll be home soon, I love you and the baby” he’s too cute.
I’m all crampy too, which is a weird feeling, cuz I feel like I’m my period but there’s no blood. But sometimes, I feel like there is blood and I want to run to the bathroom to make sure there isn’t any. I love it, I feel so happy. Well mostly. I cry all the time. Over EVERYTHING! Every little thing that might make me think, ahhhh, makes me weep. It’s kind of embarrassing since I can’t tell anyone yet. Hmmmm….

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One Response to knocked up

  1. rachel anna says:

    i love rose. intrauterine names are happy!!
    i can’t wait to meet her, and give her little auntie kisses and spoil her rotten too

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