to my body

Dear body,

I know we have love/hate relationship. It’s my fault. I was mean. When I was in elementary school, I was hard on you. I cut you up, broke your bones, sprained your ligaments, and all the other things that happen in childhood. I’m sorry. Then middle school happen and I loved you. You might have been a little “chubby” (you weren’t) but you were beautiful. You were the fantasy of many middle school boys, which led me to do horrible things to you. I’m sorry I starved you. I’m sorry for when I did eat; I didn’t let you enjoy it by throwing it up. I apologize. And then high school happen. Oh how I hated you. But it wasn’t really hate, I just didn’t appreciate you. You are strong. I never get sick and I heal fast. Those things should be enough, I know that now. Since high school, it has been a roller coaster. At first I was good to you, I ate the healthy foods that fueled you, I exercised and kept my weight down. You looked good, in fact you tempted our now husband many of times. And then I don’t know what happened. I slacked I stopped thinking of you and started thinking of only myself. And now, I have done the meanest thing one can do to her body. I’m pregnant. And I know it’s hard on you. Things are moving and shifting. It’s painful and tiring. But body you should know, I appreciate you. You keep my baby safe. You give it things you need to make sure it’s healthy. You are a true friend. From now on, I promise, I will treat you better. You’re the only body I have and for both our sakes, I will love you.

“Oh this is not the way that it should end,

It’s the way it should begin,

It’s the way it should begin again,

No I never wanna fall apart

Never wanna break your heart

Never wanna let you break my own

Yes I know we’ve said a lot of things

That we probably didn’t mean

But it’s not to late to take them back

So before you say you’re gonna go

I should probably let you know

That I never knew what I had

But I know it now

I wish I would’ve known before, how good we were

Is it too late to come back?

Or is it really over?”

Begin again, by colbie caillat

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One Response to to my body

  1. rachel anna says:

    you are cute. and sneaky. i didn’t know of your adorable blog. keep writing, please!! 🙂

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