Have you ever heard of God and the Devil fighting over someone?Sure you have, everyone has heard of Job, and present day scary movies. Last night, while I was in and out of sleep, I felt I was being fought over. Not just me, but the baby too. Sound crazy, I know. Last night, I had a sore throat, a headache and wasn’t feeling to well. All symptoms of swine flu. (Maybe I’m being dramatic here, but oh well) I asked my husband to pray for me and my sister-in-law too. I prayed and read the baby the bible before I went to sleep and as I slept, it was there. That dark feeling. Something wanting me and the baby. (Now, I know that the devil will fight for this baby of mine, because from the day I thought I was pregnant, which was when we first tried, I have dedicated this kid to God. She’s His. I will teach her that her whole entire life.) I felt baby move inside of me while I slept, and while I would wake because my dreams were too much. I would pray while I woke and then drift back to sleep. This happened about 5 or 6 times. Finally morning came and I woke up and prayed again, but I had a weird feeling. I was feeling much better. No sore throat, no headache, nothing. But the baby wasn’t moving. She was asleep I’m assuming, last night seemed hard on both of us. I got up and went to work and in the middle of the morning, I still hadn’t felt her. I became worried. I called my husband and then my mom. And as I talked to my mom, I felt a faint little kick, and with that kick the Lord told me, “I always win” so I got off the phone and prayed a prayer of thanksgiving. Baby has been very quiet today, not to much moving or kicking but every little kick I get, I’m reminded that He ALWAYS wins and me and the baby are always in the safety of His loving hand.

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