I miss

I miss:
going to a couple of stores after work without it wiping me out.

sitting for a while and my back not killing me.

not getting woken up at 3, 4, 5, 6 am by kicking in ribs, side, and bladder.

working out, which is funny, cuz I never really cared all that much before.

going to stores that are  40 minutes away without my husband worrying.

going on a cross country trip without feeling like I’m having a heart attack.

not worrying about anyone but me.

being selfish.

But then I think, I might miss all these things, but the reason I miss these things, this sweet lil baby inside of me is worth it. She’ll always be worth it. Anything I give up for her, is worth it.

I love  adore (insert word that is stronger than love and adoration) her! So Much!!



She is so worth it!!

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