Weekly projects. That’s my goal for today. Every sunday in April and May I’m gonna post a new project for the week. Why? Simply put: I watch too much tv and feel lazy. I know that I’m a tired new mom and hanging out and watching tv all day is okay for a while, but my baby’s gonna be a month on sunday. A month of lazyness was well deserved, but I’m ready to re-enter the world outside of tv. Most likely my projects will be scrapbooks, but I have a few more ideas too. This feels good, like I’m doing something productive, we’ll see how it goes. I will post the finished product either on saturdays or sunday, before I announce that week’s new project and post an update on wednesday or thursday. Some projects might take a few weeks, but that’s okay too, at least they’ll get done. Leave it to me to have the “nesting” phase after I have the baby. =)

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