project progress and project # 2

So last week, my closets did not get cleaned. Bad Jenny!!! I do have a few excuses why it didn’t get done:

  • Monday: I was too tired, baby kept waking up the night before =)
  • Tuesday: Kallen and my dad came over, I had to be a proper host and play with Kallen
  • Wednesday: We went shopping
  • Thursday: I was just lazy
  • Friday: Hung out with Kallen and my dad and visited my grandparents at work

But, since baby and hubby are asleep right now, it will be done in the next couple of hours.

Next week’s project: Start a new, more healthy diet. I’ve been bad for the last 5 weeks, eating whatever I want and slowing gaining a weight (well 2 pounds, but I need to lose 20, so any gain, small or large is not good!) I just need to eat more fruits and veggie snacks instead of chocolate and bread. And since chan gets home so late, (usually between 6pm to 8pm) we eat super late, (8 or 9 ) so I decided to eat a large healthy breakfast and have lunch around 2/3ish and a smaller dinner with chan. And small snacks all day. I can do this. Anyone have any good healthy easy recipes. Oh yeah, I’m so excited for summer and local farmers markets!! It’s always easier to eat healthy in the summer and fall than the winter!

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One Response to project progress and project # 2

  1. rachel anna says:

    so proud of you!!

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