I’ll confess some things that have been on my mind lately.

  1. I hate my nursery. It’s too pink, too commercial, just not me. (but I kinda feel like my house is that way too) It’s all my fault though, I should have told chan to only paint a wall or two, and I should have never registered for what I did (though I am grateful for what was given to me, and it is cute and I didn’t actually think anyone would buy it for me) I just feel like it should be different. I look at different nurseries on blogs and HGTV and I just dream of what I could do, but I feel bad for Chan. I hope he doesn’t get mad if I ask him to paint again.
  2. I recently read an article about things people don’t know about motherhood, and I am so glad I did because it said, motherhood is lonely and I definitely agree. I love my baby, but most days, I am beyond lonely and I’m glad that it’s normal.
  3. I wish I was pregnant. Because I felt I looked my best when I was pregnant, I was the center of attention, without actually being the center attention, and I love the anticipation of a new baby. May will come soon enough I guess.
  4. I kinda miss my pre baby life, but I wouldn’t give up this life for ANYTHING!!!!

So there you go, just few random confessions that are probably alittle too personal for a blog!

and for you Auntie Rach:

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One Response to confessions…

  1. rachel anna says:

    THANK YOU!! this blog made my day! ❤
    i miss you so much

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