I used to wonder if I lived in the 60’s and 70’s would I be fighting with the civil rights movement or against it. Was I person who goes with what the majority thought, or did I care enough about people to not care about color and other differences and fight for freedom for everyone. I believe I would care and would fight for people’s right, I want to believe that at least. I’m watching a History Channel show about Martin Luther King Jr. and they showed his “I have a dream” speech (I know, really cliche’) but I have to say,  it gave me goosebumps too see all the people and hear his beautiful, spirit-filled words and when it was done, the tears came freely. He was truly a wonderful Godly man, and I am so glad that he fought for all people and loved people the way Jesus teaches us to.

I can’t wait to meet this man when I get to heaven.

Thank you MLK!

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