a new direction

so, when I first started this blog, like 2 years ago (hard to believe since there’s only like 20 posts) I thought I would be like my BFF and write all my deep and smart thoughts down, but… yeah, I’m too lazy for that.

Then I thought I would blog about going to Southeast Asia… yeah no.

Then I figured because NO one reads this, I would write about my pregnancy before we were ready to tell people… again with that darn laziness!

So I decided it has to have a very specific subject. And here it is:

101 in 1001 days!

Chan, Baby J and I have thought of 101 goals/projects (well, almost, we still have to finish it, maybe we should put that on it) that have to be finished in 1001 days. This project will start on March 1st and I will blog about crossing numbers off the list!

Lets have some productive fun!

Oh I thought I should add this: I can’t remember where I got this ideal (someone’s blog) but if I got it from YOU, I am giving YOU this credit now. =)

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One Response to a new direction

  1. rachel anna says:

    yayyyyy!! i can’t wait to read this every day!! 🙂

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