The List

  1. think of 101 things!
  2. Exercise 7 hours a week
  3. In 3 months, 14 hours a week
  4. Lose 35 pounds
  5. take a photography class
  6. make 10 paper books
  7. watch only 30 mins-1 hour of tv
  8. Cook 3x’s a week
  9. bake something every other week
  10. make money with out going to work (legally)
  11. learn to sew
  12. take a sewing class
  13. detox, twice, 7 days
  14. media detox, twice, 7 days
  15. build a better wardrobe (jeans, jackets, basics)
  16. do a 30X30 challenge
  17. do a 30 day of kindness challenge
  18. Dance to at least 5 songs a week
  19. Remember 1-2 verses every 30 days
  20. become a doula
  21. volunteer somewhere
  22. Learn basic Khmer
  23. Learn to play the guitar
  24. Read at least one book a month
  25. go vegan for a month
  26. do a handmade christmas
  27. take an art class
  28. learn more china painting
  29. original plan
  30. start wearing make up
  31. Read the bible more often
  32. get curtains for living room
  33. paint bathroom
  34. find out smell from Hollister
  35. become a runner, enter a 5k
  36. enter a 10k
  37. stop nursing =(
  38. watch 20 all time classic movies
  39. read 10 all time classic books
  40. redo game room
  41. clean out game room closet
  42. clean out Jaida’s closet
  43. get rid of stuff in storage room
  44. paint living room
  45. paint bedroom
  46. blog at least once a week
  47. spend time in prayer in the mornings
  48. start doing yoga (class, gym, dvd, however)
  49. start doing Pilates (”              “)
  50. get my recommended 9 servings of fruit and veggies a day
  51. invite 5 people to church
  52. go to kickboxing once a week, (cancelled gym membership, might join jazzercise, yeah I’m a dork!)
  53. document more (more journaling, etc.)
  54. watch “It’s a wonderful life”
  55. go to blog crafters event
  56. get to know at least 5 people at church (well)
  57. stop eating beef and cow products completely
  58. take some business classes
  59. clean out my closet
  60. decorate my house
  61. get Lasik (chan)
  62. clean out closet (chan)
  63. potty train Jaida
  64. learn abc’s  (Jaida)
  65. get Jaida to sleep through the night
  66. get Jaida to sleep in own bed
  67. get Jaida into preschool
  68. take Jaida to the dentist
  69. teach Jaida to spell her name
  70. take Jaida swimming 3x’s a month
  71. teach Kallen to spell his name
  72. teach Kallen basic sign language
  73. take 100 pictures a month
  74. go completely cloth, no disposable
  75. get involved in church
  76. plant a garden
  77. pay off credit cards
  78. go on vacation
  79. go on the Polar Express
  80. visit the Christmas Lane in Bellevue
  81. take a marriage retreat with church
  82. take new members class with church
  83. set a budget and stick to it
  84. save $5,000
  85. go to Disney land and/or Disney world
  86. spend the majority of the summers outside
  87. make an emergency kit
  88. visit 10 new parks
  89. go to Mount Rainer
  90. go to Snoqualmie Falls
  91. go to the ocean
  92. go hiking 5 times
  93. do 10 touristy things around Washington and Oregon
  94. try 15 new restaurants
  95. Hike the Nisqually basin
  96. go to Mt. St. Helens
  97. go to Woodland Park Zoo
  98. go to Seattle Aquarium
  99. go to the Portland Zoo
  100. go to the San Juan Islands
  101. Visit the Seattle Art Museum

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