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a new direction

so, when I first started this blog, like 2 years ago (hard to believe since there’s only like 20 posts) I thought I would be like my BFF and write all my deep and smart thoughts down, but… yeah, I’m … Continue reading

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to do: Fall edition

pick some apples make applesauce make an apple pie go to the pumpkin patch roast some pumpkin seeds take family portraits at the pumpkin patch pick a costume for baby J take her trick or treating “family style” pick out … Continue reading

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new project

Last week was a weird week for me. I was in a weird funk and did mostly nothing all week. No project, no cleaning, nothing. Maybe I was just lazy, I would say just tired. I felt like the last … Continue reading

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So on monday, I finally cleaned my closets out! Finally, after two and a half years, I did it! I did not find any “new” cute shoes, which I’m a little disappointed, but I did however find some “new” purses … Continue reading

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project progress and project # 2

So last week, my closets did not get cleaned. Bad Jenny!!! I do have a few excuses why it didn’t get done: Monday: I was too tired, baby kept waking up the night before =) Tuesday: Kallen and my dad … Continue reading

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I love Easter, for 2 reasons. The first is duh! I’m a christian and the whole christian faith is based around this particular holiday. God the son, Jesus, came to earth, lived a sinless life, was tortured and crucified on … Continue reading

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Weekly projects. That’s my goal for today. Every sunday in April and May I’m gonna post a new project for the week. Why? Simply put: I watch too much tv and feel lazy. I know that I’m a tired new … Continue reading

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