#63: Potty train Jaida

So for the last two weeks every time I go to the bathroom, I ask if Jaida wants to go potty too. (She always does) and then she sits on her potty and we make the pssssss sound together and mommy goes and we clap and Jaida goes “pssss” and we clap. Last monday, she got distracted by her cousin and pee’d in the hallway =D!! We’re working on it!!!

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Yay! The list is up!! I can’t believe I actually thought of 101 things!!! And I could cross one off already! oh yeah!

Now, here’s hoping I can keep it up!

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oh man

So, April 1st has come and gone and I still don’t have the list up (or even finished) but I’m still counting April 1st to be the start day. I’m almost done with it and will have it up by sunday! This is really hard. How do people do this everyday? I always feel busy and I gave up the internet for Lent so I always feel super guilty when I’m even on the computer!! I want to redo my blog and make it cute, but I really have no clue on how to do that and I kinda want to change to blogger but I don’t know.  At least when I get my list up I’ll be able to cross some things off of it!!! which is exciting!! Got to love me some productive fun!! HA!

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A Very Happy Birthday!!

We’re gonna party for the next two days!!!! And one of these days, I’ll write my birth story. One of these days…

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I knew this would be hard. So I’ve decided to delay the 101 in 1001 just until April 1st! My kid is sick and only having 2 weeks to think of 101 goals makes for some pretty stupid projects. And I have over two years so I think they should be a little more meaningful.

so check back later when my brain checks back in!

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a new direction

so, when I first started this blog, like 2 years ago (hard to believe since there’s only like 20 posts) I thought I would be like my BFF and write all my deep and smart thoughts down, but… yeah, I’m too lazy for that.

Then I thought I would blog about going to Southeast Asia… yeah no.

Then I figured because NO one reads this, I would write about my pregnancy before we were ready to tell people… again with that darn laziness!

So I decided it has to have a very specific subject. And here it is:

101 in 1001 days!

Chan, Baby J and I have thought of 101 goals/projects (well, almost, we still have to finish it, maybe we should put that on it) that have to be finished in 1001 days. This project will start on March 1st and I will blog about crossing numbers off the list!

Lets have some productive fun!

Oh I thought I should add this: I can’t remember where I got this ideal (someone’s blog) but if I got it from YOU, I am giving YOU this credit now. =)

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I used to wonder if I lived in the 60’s and 70’s would I be fighting with the civil rights movement or against it. Was I person who goes with what the majority thought, or did I care enough about people to not care about color and other differences and fight for freedom for everyone. I believe I would care and would fight for people’s right, I want to believe that at least. I’m watching a History Channel show about Martin Luther King Jr. and they showed his “I have a dream” speech (I know, really cliche’) but I have to say,  it gave me goosebumps too see all the people and hear his beautiful, spirit-filled words and when it was done, the tears came freely. He was truly a wonderful Godly man, and I am so glad that he fought for all people and loved people the way Jesus teaches us to.


I can’t wait to meet this man when I get to heaven.

Thank you MLK!

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